Thursday, November 10, 2011

All About Me

"All About Me" was our first theme in the altered arts design team at Creative Cafe. I at first was trying to alter a picture frame and it just was not going the way I had hoped.I went into the jungle (aka my scrapbook room) to find something to help and low and behold I saw my composition book I bought to add sketches, notes, ideas or little sayings my kids say that I want to remember. It needed a face lift I decided to make it POP make it all about ME. Thus was the start of my journey into creating my altered composition book.
I don't know about you but I tend to put myself last on my list and have been quite stressed out lately feeling well overwhelmed trying to figure out just what do I need to do to feel better. Now don't get me wrong I am happily married and feel truly blessed to have a 2 children to fill my life with such joy. However, I needed to find time to do something for me again. Scrapbooking, crafting is that something and Creative Cafe accepting Me onto the Design Team was just the right Key! So onto to my journey of creating again!
This journal has a few elements I must point out....things that I have slowly been trying my hand at here there when I made the time for me in the past. The First is the Flower I made this with a few Prima flowers but as you look you may see the blue one is not yes that is a blue jean flower created by me. I love taking what might be trash and make something a new with it. With that same concept as you can see the with love that metal is actually made with my favorite type of soda Mt.Dew yes I could be hooked to an iv with that stuff LOL but I am getting into flavor coffee and creamers a mom has to have her caffeine right! LOL The arrow was chipboard that I used purple (my favorite color) embossing powder to make it pop to the words ME which was also embossing powder heated up. So there you have it an all About Me book on my new journey back into my creative side. I hope this might inspire you to do take time to smell the flowers and do something for you too! Hugs Amy

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